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Xanax increases the brain’s GABA activity, and thereby it artificially slows down the activity of GABA receptors. Xanax quickly restores the balance of fear processing in mind; however, it acts roughly and hastily. The ways Xanax act resemble the condition of anesthesia during surgery.

Without fighting the main psychological factors that cause anxiety, Xanax nevertheless gives you a feeling of coming down from drugs and serenity. For example, Xanax improves sleep for people who have insomnia. It reduces the time to fall asleep and extends the sleeping hours. At the same time, Xanax affects the overall quality of your sleep by reducing the deep sleep time during which you have dreams. In other words, taking Xanax to sleep does not relieve mental fatigue, and the next day you may feel sleepy.

Xanax inhibits nerve impulses in the ancient ‘limbic’ part of the human brain that is responsible for arousal related brainstem reflexes. Xanax freezes the entire central nervous system and slows down all kinds of vital processes. Xanax triggers a calming mechanism in the brain making it thinking that everything is OK and there is no more danger. The world looks beautiful, and conflict situations lose their feeling of uncertainty after you take Xanax. You no longer seek fighting, and you have no desire to run due to inhibition. Previous conflicts lose their value, and obsessive thoughts about them disappear.

Xanax relaxes your muscles and removes anxiety and obsessive thoughts. You are no longer afraid and open up to the world. Alprazolam fills your body with warmth, and you become more social. Xanax relaxes muscles at the level of the skeletal muscle, and this is why seizures and convulsion disappear. After treatment with Xanax, you feel similar to after getting a gentle massage, and you fall asleep calmly.

If anxiety and panic are some of the most unpleasant feelings, then getting rid of fear is probably one of the best pleasures to which you can quickly get used. Xanax can be a quick release from anxiety, but it can also cause addiction to the sweet feeling of serenity.