Xanax Online Pharmacy Reviews

Here is my review of online pharmacies located in different countries with different prescription procedures to buy Xanax online.

Xanax is listed as Schedule IV Drug and can be purchased online only in the U.S. pharmacies licensed by NABP. There are tens of licensed online pharmacies and only one of them sells Xanax.

HealthWarehouse.com – online pharmacy from Cincinnati where you can buy Xanax with following prescription rules:

• Pharmacy sell Alprazolam to patients with a hand-written prescription blank only that should be sent in via regular mail. No faxed prescription is accepted.

• Pharmacy allow to transferring prescription from your old U.S. local pharmacy. You need send them the name and phone number of the physician who prescribed your Xanax.

• Pharmacy should receive your prescription by mail within 30 days from the date on which it was written.

Xanax Prescription from Indian Online Doctor

There is Indian pharmacy which online doctor can prescribe Xanax after you fill medical questionnaire form:

• Gender

• Weight and Height?

• Any current medical conditions • Any medications you are currently taking

• Any medications you plan to take while on this program

• List all allergies

• Do you take any form of nitroglycerine?

Then order sent to online doctor who review your order and either approve or decline your request. If you are approved, online doctor will write the prescription for Xanax then pharmacy will delivery the order during 5-7 days.

Xanax Online Without Prescription

You also can skip “online prescription” procedure and buy Xanax without prescription at your own risk:

1. Select dose you need.

2. Fill payment / delivery info.

3. Get email confirming the order was placed successfully.

The problem of getting Xanax without prescription can be solved by so-called Dark Market Silk Road – this is an underground online market where you can buy any drugs including Xanax. This market guarantees anonymous status for each customer and has many sellers from the U.S. who ship pills only within the United States.The internal mail control is not as strict as customs control. The pills offered in the Silk Road market are usually of good quality.