Buying Xanax Online with Prescription

Online pharmacy is the first thing when you want to buy Xanax on the Internet. According to the U.S. law, Xanax is listed as Schedule IV Drug and can be purchased online only in the U.S. pharmacies licensed by DEA. There are 46 U.S. licensed online pharmacies and only 2 of them sell Xanax. These companies are Familymeds from Ohio and Healthwarehouse from Cincinnati. Both pharmacies have similar prescription requirements except for Xanax ordering.

It is desirable for the customer to send his or her doctor’s original prescription for Xanax to the pharmacy’s physical address via regular mail. The prescription must not be faxed or emailed. If you don’t want to do this yourself you can ask your physician to contact the pharmacy on your behalf.You will only have to provide your social security number and driver’s license number in order to verify your identity. Finally, your signature is required upon package delivery.

Some of pharmacies offer “online prescription” for Xanax based on your answers of the health questions. This is like medical questionnaire. All the questions must be filled fully and sincerely. Your answers will be sent to doctor who review your health condition. If you successfully pass test you will get Xanax. Pay attention that obtaining a prescription through an online form is not a real physical exam. A virtual doctor doesn’t see you and you don’t meet him in person. Nothing prevents you from providing false answers to the questions. You will take all the responsibility for your health and all possible risks associated.

Fake Xanax from India Without Prescription

There are many online pharmacies on the Internet that sell Xanax without prescription requirements. Even though such pharmacies might look like they are located in the U.S. they often ship goods from India, China and Southeast Asian countries.These countries’ laws are not as strict as in the United States. You mostly need money and no prescription to buy prescription drugs here. For example, you can order Xanax for $130 and have it delivered from India to the U.S. in a couple of weeks. Sometimes these pills are of normal quality. Still the product you get is often fake.

This is strange if considering the fact the online Viagra from India is mostly of normal quality. Re-ordersbycustomersas well as lack of negative reviews about Viagra pills sold by these pharmacies provethis. If Indian Viagra is so good – why is Indian Xanax so bad? I don’t think that pharmaceutical companies technologically care what to produce – Viagra or Xanax. Sowhat’s the deal?

It’s all about laws. Viagra is just a prescription medication while Xanax is listed as Schedule IV Drug. U.S. Customs can easily accept the package with Viagra from India but any package with any ‘drugs’ such as Xanax are somehow identified and returned back to sender. This is probably the reason why Indian pharmacies initially ship a placebo instead of real Xanax – they want the parcel to pass the Customs safely and the customer to receive the package. This way the transaction can be formally closed by the pharmacy. The more restrictions the bigger desire to bypass them and this ultimately leads to deception.

Real Xanax Without Prescription

The problem of getting real Xanax without prescription can be solved by so-called Dark Market Silk Road – this is an underground online market where you can buy any drugs including Xanax. This market guarantees anonymous status for each customer and has many sellers from the U.S. who ship pills only within the United States.The internal mail control is not as strict as U.S. Customs control. The goods offered in the Silk Road market are usually of good quality. At least the ratio of positive / negative reviews indicates better quality of Xanax in Silk Road pharmacies compared to other online pharmacies. Silk Road was started in 2011. This market is young and it seems that it can have a big impact on online pharmacy monopoly regarding medicine online sales.